Thursday, June 17, 2010

Stone Mountain

Almost a Month ago we went to Stone Mountain with our Nana and Papa. (Dad's side)

We had a great time.we went to a 4-D video,it was Awesome!!
And we went in The Great Barn, that was all of our favorites!

then we went to the top of Stone Mountain, in a cable car!

then we had the Lazar show .we didn't get pictures here is the closest thing to it

and that was the end of a great day.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


you've probably already heard this from my mom, but I just want to retell it.

it was a cold morning, really early my dad and I were hunting(2 days ago we put corn out)about 2 and half hours later this is what I heard from my dad:hey steven look over there... oh my gosh there are 5 deer right there.oh steven we got ourselves a deer pow there was a dead deer right there pow then another pow missed!then the other one was just prancing around then pow he didn't die as easy.and that's how we got our first 3 deer

my pocket knife

I got a sweet new pocket knife for Christmas, well I actually got a leatherman but I thought it was too big, so I got this